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About KeyCentrix

KeyCentrix™ is dedicated to the pharmacy industry by offering best in class technology, thought leadership, world-class solutions consulting, and hands-on support ensuring our customers are equipped with solutions to advance pharmacy practice.

KeyCentrix technology and service solutions have been designed to transform pharmacy management by streamlining operations and providing the power of actionable data to make better decisions and grow profitably.

KeyCentrix, a holding of Cochener Garvey Capital Partners, Inc., has been supporting the industry with leading software solutions for over 40 years. In 1973, KeyCentrix and its parent, Computer, Inc., released Scrip19. KeyCentrix raised the bar for pharmacy software with the launch of ScripMaster© in 1980. Over the years, advances in technology and increasing demands within the industry led to RxKey® Pharmacy Software; a robust, Windows-based solution with a versatile SQL database.

Designed to provide independent pharmacies complete solutions for success in a competitive market, KeyCentrix released its highly popular flexTRAX Point of Sale in 2010. The first of its kind, the flexTRAX POS system is IIAS compliant for accepting FSA cards and PA-DSS certified for meeting PCI standards.

Offering the best in class technology, thought leadership, world-class solutions consulting, and hands-on support.

In an effort to meet the needs of the rapidly growing specialty pharmacy market, KeyCentrix launched New Leaf Rx Pharmacy Software in 2013. KeyCentrix leveraged the solid foundation established with RxKey, but introduced order-based, exception-driven workflow to enable custom configuration. New Leaf Rx’s easy to use, fully customizable workflow and order manager are tailored for pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers that are looking to

innovate, increase efficiencies and maximize their footprint in the specialty and more advanced high margin pharmaceutical market.

With our technology and service solutions, KeyCentrix focuses on delivering four principle outcomes for the independent pharmacy:

  • Enhance the quality of patient care
  • Reduce the overall cost of fulfillment
  • Provide access to critical data for operational excellence
  • Adapt to ever changing business and compliance requirements

KeyCentrix’ consultative approach is focused on understanding the dynamic objectives of each customer with a level of service and expertise unlike anything available in the industry, delivering more than software.

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