Benefits of Going Digital in Your Pharmacy

As we continue to advance in technology and pharmacy makes strides in the digital frontier, new ways become available to enhance organization and reduce chaos in the pharmacy workflow. Going digital with documents, notes, faxes, and other papers floating around the pharmacy can help achieve paperless synchronization, both in front of & behind the counter and on delivery routes. Below are examples of typical pharmacy documentation and tasks that can be converted to electronic, digital copies and processes.


Faxes sent to your pharmacy aren’t always relevant to a patient, doctor, facility, or drug; unwanted faxes just waste paper and time spent sorting through them. Where regulations allow, opt to receive faxes electronically. Resources are available through pharmacy software companies and interfaces to digitally receive faxes containing new prescriptions, demographic information, information from doctors, patient info, clinic info, etc. If an electronic fax is junk, it can be deleted and never waste a sheet of paper or an ounce of ink. Store the relevant, important faxes you receive within a pharmacy software system so a backup of all documents with all patient info is kept up-to-date with automatic software backups typically offered to pharmacies.

Digital Basket


For paper copies of prescriptions and pertinent information that comes into your pharmacy, use a document/image scanner to create a digital copy that can be categorized and stored in your system. While loading Read full article >