Back It Up: A Look At Flash Drive & Off-Site Data Backup Options

Can you put a price on your data? Probably not, but if you lost it, you’d probably give anything to get it back. While it’s not the end of the world if data is lost due to nature, human error, or malicious acts, it is a headache that could have been prevented by proper backups either onsite, offsite, or both.

Depending on the volume at your pharmacy, a simple flash drive could suffice to house your pharmacy management software data and point of sale system data backups. There are multiple sizes of flash drives available on the market at affordable prices. For example, a 128GB SanDisk Flash Drive is available for less than $20 on Select flash drives based on the size of your data base; if you are not sure what size you need, check with your IT department or ask your software provider for their recommendation.

To make remembering backups an easy task, set them to be automatic if the option is available. Just set the location of the flash drive in the software when configuring the auto-backups. Make sure the flash drive is plugged in when backing it up.

Another recommendation is to have multiple flash drives and switch them out at an interval of your choice. The ideal scenario would be to have one flash drive for each day of the week that is rotated daily. Other scenarios could be two flash drives switched daily, or you could have four or five flash drives that are rotated each week of the month. The reason for having multiple flash drives in use is to make sure Read full article >