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Businesses Must Know About EMV

The New Chip Technology

What is EMV?

EMV, commonly referred to as chip technology, is the future of secure bank and credit card transactions in the United States that will greatly reduce the threat of fraud from counterfeit, lost and stolen cards. Basically, EMV is a set of specifications for smart card payments and devices that accept those types of payments. Those specs are then embedded into a microprocessor chip embedded on a bank or credit card. The technology and specifications are widely used in over 80 countries globally as the standard for secure card transactions versus the traditional magnetic swipe card in the U.S., which has been plagued with security issues for years. EMV also provides interoperability within the global payments infrastructure and EMV-compatible terminals making it easier for U.S. issued cards to use for secure transactions worldwide.

EMV Chip Card

When will EMV be Adopted in the United States?

As mentioned earlier, EMV standards have been in use worldwide for several years. Major card issuers, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA have announced their movement to EMV cards within the U.S. by October 2015. This will greatly increase cardholder protection against fraud and the compromising of data for most U.S. cardholders. For a list of United States credit and debit card issuers who have announced plans to issue EMV payment cards, visit It is important to note that introducing this particular technology into the U.S. requires the issuance of ‘hybrid’ cards that incorporate both the EMV chip technology as well as the magnetic swipe card. This allows uninterrupted card transactions, as more and more terminals and companies become EMV compliant. However, there will be no disruption in credit card transactions.

Will KeyCentrix Support EMV?

Absolutely! As an innovator and leader in supporting the pharmacy industry, KeyCentrix intends to support EMV technology prior to the October 2015 date to provide the best customer experience that is hassle-free.

Will New Hardware be Required to Support EMV?

Due to the uniqueness of the EMV chip technology, new hardware will be required. Although specific hardware has not been identified as of this writing, KeyCentrix is currently working with its credit card processing partners to determine the best signature capture and PIN pad device options.

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