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The Healthcare Ecosystem is a complex network of interconnected communities that must function together in order to thrive. Within these communities are actors performing their parts in order to keep the ecosystem sustainable. Every community has layers of critical data that must be shared with the ecosystem as a whole. Without the weaving of this data between the communities, a breakdown occurs; interruptions in this communication infects the ecosystem’s outcomes.

All communities within the healthcare ecosystem exist to participate in the health and well-being of patients. Those patients depend on pharmacies for a plethora of healing options including the potential for individualized and responsive healthcare benefits. This intricate and ever-expanding house of medicine requires management solutions like never before.

It’s been quite a long journey from whence we’ve come. From the beginning of time we have used nature to heal our wounds and treat our maladies. The Sumerians, around 2000BC documented healing practices on clay tablets. The Greeks injected science into mythological thinking, bringing logic to the forefront of explaining diseases. Moving forward, the first pharmacy shop in the world was in Baghdad in about 792 AD, along with more in depth formularies and various drug forms such as syrups. During the Renaissance, pharmacy regulation began as new drugs were imported from the orient and new chemicals were introduced. In the Empire Era, roots, bark, herbs, and Read full article >

How Software Can Help You Meet Your Independent Specialty Pharmacy Goals

A positive response to Specialty Pharmacy Times’ article, “What Defines an Independent Specialty Pharmacy?” authored by Stephanie Lapointe, PharmD; Cheryl Allen, RPH, BSPharm, MBA; Gary Rice, RPH, MS, MBA, CSP. Full article:

Specialty Pharmacy Times published their article earlier this year, and it inspired us (KeyCentrix) to reflect on points they presented with how pharmacy management software systems can assist in a specialty environment. The information from Specialty Pharmacy Times (SPT) is in bold, followed by the KeyCentrix reflection in regular font.

  • “[Specialty pharmacies value innovative service initiatives and partnership resources, allowing a singular focus on specialty pharmacy management by providing patient-centric, high-touch care models individualized to the patient.]” “Independent specialty pharmacies also foster industry collaborations and the development of innovative services and programs that demonstrate both a patient-caring and entrepreneurial business philosophy, [i.e. a simplified, patient-centric workflow model]:” -SPT

Pharmacy software workflows can be configured to enforce the checks & balances needed for specialty prescriptions. The costs of misfiling a specialty drug or not appropriately complying with the REMS reporting requirements are high, which is why a configurable workflow is critical for success in the venture of specialty. Business rules can provide guaranteed exceptions for managing specialty high-cost medications by enforcing that the pharmacy has been appropriately reimbursed, the pharmacy is in compliance with the necessary protocols, or the pharmacy has tracked the necessary steps before the drug can leave the pharmacy.

With business rules, a specialty prescription can be forced to stop prior to the dispensing stage to allow and/or require a patient touchpoint prior to dispensing. Read full article >