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Tell me more about EMV.

What is EMV?

“EMV is a chip technology used globally in place of magnetic stripe. EMV chip technology helps reduce card fraud in a face-to-face, card-present environment. It enables safer and smarter transactions across contact and contactless channels.”

Do I have to switch to EMV?

You do not have to switch to EMV, but it is recommended. The party (merchant or customer) with the least secure technology assumes liability.

“The EMV Liability Shift is not a law or a mandate. Rather, it is a change in who the parties within the payment chain consider “responsible” if a data breach occurs – namely, whichever party did not implement the highest degree of fraud-prevention security when it was available. This fact alone speaks to why pharmacies should implement EMV payment acceptance.

Prior to the liability shift, certain types of disputes were never seen by merchants because they were the card issuer’s responsibility. Now that the party with the least secure technology is liable, many businesses are seeing these disputes on chargeback statements for the first time. As a result, merchants as a whole are experiencing an uptick in chargebacks.” -OpenEdge

Can I stay with my same processor?

No. If you want EMV functionality, you need to switch to OpenEdge. They are the only processor with a device integrated with KeyCentrix.

Availability and use of EMV & EMV devices requires merchant account conversion to the OpenEdge platform. Heartland, Global, and BatchOut customers will need to complete an OpenEdge application and update SIGIS certification once OpenEdge merchant account is active. The OpenEdge application process is expected to begin by January 2017. All flex TRAX customers will be contacted when the application process opens.

Do I have to buy the Ingenico device through KeyCentrix? Why?

Yes. The Ingenico ISC480 device must be an OpenEdge device ordered through KeyCentrix. Devices purchased through other retailers will not be eligible for integration. The KeyCentrix product integration software must be installed before the device is installed in your pharmacy. Devices purchased outside of KeyCentrix will not be compatible.

What are the features of the Ingenico ISC480 device?

Electronic Signature Capture Features – Standard Features Currently Available:
● Credit Card
● House Charge/ROA
● HIPAA (only with interface)
● Rx Pickup
● Department specific
● Returns
New Features – Enjoy the same on-screen features available today, PLUS these NEW additional features:
● Pharmacy Greeting & Logo
● Patient Counseling Selection (With RxKey or New Leaf Rx Interface)
● Safety Cap Preference Selection (With RxKey or New Leaf Rx Interface)

Contact or call 1.800.444.8486 for more information.

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