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Yosprala Redeem Program by Change Healthcare Now Available

Change Healthcare launched a new Redeem program on January 10, 2017, for Yosprala Tabs. If your pharmacy uses Change Healthcare as your switch, you were automatically enrolled in this program with the start date of January 10, 2017.

Eligible patients whose primary insurance does not cover Yosprala, or requires a Prior Authorization, will be prompted at an enrolled pharmacy to register for a Yosprala Copay Savings Card; a message and fax notice to the pharmacy will invoke on claims that qualify. Offer not valid for Government Plans.

Enrolled pharmacies will be alerted to which prescription claims may qualify for the assistance via a post-edit message delivered in field 504-F4 of the NCPDP D.0 format: “F4 – EMDXXXXXX: Copay savings sponsored by Aralez. Please insert fax print out in patient’s bag.”

There will also be a fax printout for the pharmacy to provide to the patient; the fax contains a toll-free number and website for the patient to register for the Copay Savings Card.

Eligible Drugs: Yosprala 81 mg, 30 and 90 count; Yosprala 325 mg, 30 and 90 count
Patient Benefit: Copay Savings Card
Reimbursement: This program is sponsored by Aralez Pharmaceuticals
Plan Limitations: Not valid for use with Government programs
Program Dates: Started January 10, 2017

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