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RxKey® Pharmacy Software

Pharmacy Software that Thinks Like a Pharmacist

RxKey® Pharmacy Management Software is a robust system with a wide range of functionality focused on improving efficiency, enhancing safety and increasing profitability. RxKey’s built-in workqueue is highly customizable to meet your unique business needs. Consistent navigation and screen layouts throughout RxKey make the system easy to learn and use. Strategic business resources, include dispensing verification, accounts receivable intelligence, reimbursement monitoring and advanced query tools, support advancing patient care outcomes.

This innovative solution also has built-in LTC and specialty care capabilities. With our integrated flexTRAX Point of Sale, we offer a complete solution for your pharmacy.

RxKey Pharmacy Software
  • Intuitive Design
  • Keyboard or Mouse Driven
  • Configurable Work Queue
  • Low Monthly Support
  • Image/Hardcopy Scanning
  • EPCS Certified
  • Integrated Point of Sale
  • Electronic Signature Capture
  • Commercial Insurance Lookup
  • Pill Imaging
  • Multi-site Integration
  • Remote Backup Services
  • Accounts Receivable
  • User Defined Fields
  • Advanced Data Mining
  • Document Management
  • Compounding Support
  • Nursing Home Support
  • Robust Reporting
  • Multiple Inventories
  • Customizable Labels
  • Automated PMP Reporting
  • Prior Authorizations
  • Barcode Verification
  • Activity Tracking
  • Built-in Help Guides

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Is RxKey certified for EPCS?

Yes! RxKey has been certified for EPCS (e-prescribing of controlled substances) since October 2013. Our transcribing feature simplifies the data entry process for all e-scripts.

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Do you offer a SaaS model for RxKey?

RxKey is hosted in a server/client environment; however, virtual servers are an option. Contact our team to discuss the system requirements.

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What reports are available with RxKey?

RxKey offers a powerful centralized reporting engine, over 200 stock reports, as well as the ability to add reportable, custom fields specific to the needs of each location. RxKey is built on a SQL database, enabling data extraction to external systems for additional analytics. Consolidated reporting for multi-locations is also available with the multi-location functionality.

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How long will it take to implement RxKey?

The average implementation cycle depends on the unique needs of your pharmacy, but the average time ranges between 3-6 weeks. This includes equipment ordering and readiness, site readiness, data conversion, and staff training.

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Is data conversion part of the implementation?

We have a preferred partner that performs the data conversions for our Customers. This is performed and validated before beginning the training on the new system.

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Is training for new systems done on-site?

KeyCentrix approaches training as a continuous process to ensure all the users ramp-up their knowledge before, during, and after the system implementation.  We begin with a web meeting, taking your staff through the functional parts of the system . . . kind of an orientation to remove the fear of a new system.  We answer questions and walk through the fundamentals.  Once the installation is complete we have an onsite trainer at the pharmacy for a couple of days to walk through training and support the users through their workday.  A few weeks after, a KeyCentrix Customer Care representative will setup a web meeting that’s convenient for your schedule to take the users through another level of training and system use; this occurs again another 30-45 days later.  All along the way the users will receive various training tips and support as they master the system.

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Are you interfaced with my wholesaler?

RxKey interfaces with most major and regional wholesalers. It is likely that we are currently interfaced with your wholesaler for both price updates and ordering. A list of our affiliations is on the Affiliations page from the Main Menu of this website.

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Is the RxKey workflow component a separate module?

No, we believe that workflow is a key component of any successful pharmacy operation. The workflow features of the software are included with the RxKey license and are customizable to meet your needs.

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Do you have Electronic Signature Capture? Cost?

RxKey has built-in e-sig support at no additional charge; all you need is the signature pad and a barcode scanner. In addition, an electronic signature device is also offered on the flexTRAX POS to streamline the checkout process.

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Do we need to use your switching company?

If we already have a relationship with your current switching company, you can continue to use them. We have relationships with several switching companies, so it is likely that we offer your current company. If you don’t have a preferred switching company, we can recommend one for you.

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Can I use e-prescribing with RxKey?

Yes. In fact electronic prescriptions are automatically added to your RxKey WorkQueue and can be processed without manual data entry.

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What are your support hours?

Our team is always available! The KeyCentrix Customer Care team provides 24/7 support by phone or email.  A full team is staffed during peak hours, and representatives are also ready to assist during off-peak hours, weekends, and holidays.

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Can I reuse existing equipment with RxKey?

We encourage you to reuse your existing hardware whenever possible. Our staff can provide you with the specifications for assessing your equipment needs.

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