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Specialty Pharmacy

Operating a specialty pharmacy requires advanced software. New Leaf Rx’s Order-based, exception driven workflow enables custom configuration of your software to support ideal throughput and enforce best practices for single or multi-location environments. Combined with solutions consulting and a comprehensive implementation approach, New Leaf Rx software offers specialty pharmacies a level of resources and service unlike anything available in the industry.

New Leaf Rx Specialty Pharmacy Girl

  • Configurable Workflow Stages – Configurable workflow stages support your specific business needs and operations. Stages include:
    • Data Entry
    • Adjudication
    • PV1
    • Scheduling
    • Credit Review
    • Dispensing
    • PV2
    • Packing
    • Will Call
  • Order-Based Solution – New Leaf Rx’ order manager allows your pharmacy processing efficiencies by logically grouping prescriptions into orders based on patient, facility, or prescriber.
  • Exception-driven Workflow – Ensure compliance adherence by requiring activities on complex therapies driven by:
    • Manufacturer reporting
    • Business objectives
    • Stage validations
    • Cost to patient
    • Disease state
    • Lab values
    • Specific drugs
    • Sales/marketing needs
  • Document Management – Reduce errors and streamline the data entry process with document management. Faxes can be queued for fast processing of incoming prescriptions or quick storage of customer documents.
  • Data Extraction and Analysis –  New Leaf Rx offers a powerful centralized reporting engine, as well as the ability to add custom fields specific to the needs of each location. Built on a SQL database, data can be easily extracted for reporting and compliance.
  • External System Integrations – Through KeyCentrix’ consultative services, new and existing applications will be evaluated for replacement or integration, streamlining your operation and reducing long-term costs. The extensive list of current interfaces includes shipping interfaces with FedEx and UPS,as well as a new integration with Therigy.