KeyCentrix's Social At Wichita Sports Forum

KeyCentrix's Social

KeyCentrix recently hosted its semi-annual employee appreciation event. This event is meant to bring the KeyCentrix team together for a fun and relaxing time outside of the work environment. These events are always family friendly and allow employees to get to know each other better and build stronger connections. This most recent event on Saturday, June 17th took us to a stress-free setting to enjoy a couple hours of jumping, eating and spending quality time together at Aviate Wichita Sports Forum trampoline park. If you are in the area and haven’t had the opportunity to check out the multi-sport facility and extreme air sports trampoline park, summer is the perfect time for your family, friends or team! We had a fantastic time enjoying the trampoline park, foam pits, extreme dodgeball and air dunk basketball along with eating a lot of Pizza Hut pizza. Follow us on Facebook to see photos from the event >