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KeyCentrix is dedicated to the pharmacy industry offering best in class technology, thought leadership, world-class solutions consulting, and hands-on support ensuring our customers are equipped with solutions to advance their pharmacy practice. Our innovative technology systems, NewLeafRx pharmacy management software that is EPCS certified and FlexTrax point of sale with EMV support, transform businesses through actionable data, streamlined operations and profitable growth.

History of KeyCentrix Development

KeyCentrix, a holding of Cochener Garvey Capital Partners, Inc., has been supporting the industry with leading software solutions for over 40 years. In 1973, KeyCentrix and its parent, Computer, Inc., released Scrip19. KeyCentrix then raised the bar for pharmacy software with the launch of ScripMaster© in 1980. Over the years, advances in technology and increasing demands within the industry led to RxKey pharmacist software; a robust, Windows-based solution with a versatile SQL database. It was designed to provide independent pharmacies complete solutions for success in a competitive market. KeyCentrix released its highly popular FlexTrax POS in 2010. The first of its kind, the FlexTrax POS system is IIAS compliant for accepting FSA cards and PA-DSS certified for meeting PCI standards.

KeyCentrix, who helped form the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) in 2012, is unique for being one of the first to leap into specialty pharmacy. Being forward-thinkers KeyCentrix knew this was the future, serving disease state patients. Program development started immediately for products and services with specialty in mind leading to the release of NewLeafRx.


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