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NewLeafRx – Next Level of Pharmacy Management Systems

The Healthcare Ecosystem is a complex network of interconnected communities that must function together in order to thrive. Within these communities are actors performing their parts in order to keep the ecosystem sustainable. Every community has layers of critical data that must be shared with the ecosystem as a whole. Without the weaving of this data between the communities, a breakdown occurs; interruptions in this communication infects the ecosystem’s outcomes.

All communities within the healthcare ecosystem exist to participate in the health and well-being of patients. Those patients depend on pharmacies for a plethora of healing options including the potential for individualized and responsive healthcare benefits. This intricate and ever-expanding house of medicine requires management solutions like never before.

It’s been quite a long journey from whence we’ve come. From the beginning of time we have used nature to heal our wounds and treat our maladies. The Sumerians, around 2000BC documented healing practices on clay tablets. The Greeks injected science into mythological thinking, bringing logic to the forefront of explaining diseases. Moving forward, the first pharmacy shop in the world was in Baghdad in about 792 AD, along with more in depth formularies and various drug forms such as syrups. During the Renaissance, pharmacy regulation began as new drugs were imported from the orient and new chemicals were introduced. In the Empire Era, roots, bark, herbs, and flowers began to be controlled by the government, while their toxic effects came into question. This created a new found interest in testing drugs and their affects on the body. Science grew in the 17th and 18th centuries with even more new drugs and chemicals coming into play, such as nitrogen, oxygen, penicillin, and codeine. During the Industrial Era, also known as the patient care era, medications were mass-produced through industrial machines. Scientific research was spurred. Medications and their side effects were studied to unveil complications like allergic reactions and problems with multiple drug interactions. Pharmacies now had a more extensive therapeutic duty in regards to patients. The Biotechnology Era, from now to the future, features gene therapy, where some diseases are linked to genetic defects and recombinant DNA, which is synthetic genetic modification. And, the journey continues.


Today, the world of pharmacy calls strongly for innovation and evolution to meet the number of diseases and drug developments for these diseases, while working in tandem with all the government regulations and requirements. Heeding the call, in 1973 KeyCentrix developed and released its first pharmacy management software, Scrip19. The company raised the bar in 1980 and launched ScripMaster to meet the demands of further pharmacy management needs from all the actors within the healthcare ecosystem. Over the years, with a multiplicity of advances in technology and more stringent requirements within the industry, KeyCentrix’s RxKey pharmacist software came onto the stage; a robust, Windows-based solution with a versatile SQL database, designed to provide independent pharmacies complete solutions for success in a competitive market.

Moving forward to 2012, KeyCentrix helped form the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP), making them a unique forerunner and visionary of what was to come. Technical Innovators and thought leaders, KeyCentrix knew specialty pharmacy was the way of the future, and program development started immediately for products and services with specialty pharmacy in mind, leading to the groundbreaking release of NewLeafRx.

The now prolific specialty pharmacy market is on the rise, influencing pharmacy management at every turn. The need to collect and report data from all the actors in the communities, while keeping it all transparent is what KeyCentrix understands. From an all-inclusive distribution model to value based care, to the FDA’s rapid-fire drug approval pushes pharmacy to keep up with the collection of data on both new and existing drugs and to include outcomes for patients. NewLeafRx is smart software that collaborates through drug development, distribution, drug dispensing, medical outcomes, pharmacist and nurse counseling, tracking simple daily tasks like biometric data, drug and activity compliance, and most importantly mobile apps facilitation interactions between patients and providers.

NewLeafRx – The Core of the Healthcare Ecosystem

Regardless of specific pharmacy type, retail, specialty, mail order, physician dispensing or clinic pharmacy, without the right system in place, an unraveling may occur. The importance of having that right solution today stems from the multi-levels of communication required between each data-driven source and destination, plus, the ever-changing processes and compliance demands. NewLeafRx pharmacy management system by KeyCentrix is the answer. It is the pharmacy industry’s enterprise solution for all communities and their actors. It ignites and empowers each pharmacy within the ecosystem, not only in data realms, but also with stellar practices, while increasing efficiency and throughput whether an individual pharmacy or a corporate multi-location structure. KeyCentrix has been recognizing and understanding what it takes to bring pharmacy to the next level.

NewLeafRx Features

  • Order Manager (order-based solution)    
  • Data Mining, Extraction & Analysis    
  • Exception-Driven Workflow    
  • Configurable Workflow Stages    
  • Disease State Integration    
  • EPCS Certified    
  • Multi-site Integration    
  • Workflow Consultation    
  • Existing Applications Integration    
  • Compounding Support
  • POS and other 3rd Part Integrations

Heavy in Business Intelligence and the capability to add custom fields specific to the needs of each location, NewLeafRx offers a powerful centralized reporting and pharmacy business management engine. It is built on an open SQL database allowing data exchanges along with advanced data mining tools. Data can easily be extracted and queued for reporting and analysis of key operational areas, preparing pharmacies for the future.

NewLeafRx thinks like a pharmacist and a prescriber, while providing the data needed for decisions made by all communities in the healthcare ecosystem.

The future is now. NewLeafRx by KeyCentrix is the Next level of Pharmacy Management Systems.

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