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  • Supports Unique Processes and Procedures
    Supports Unique Processes and Procedures
  • Communicates with Prescribers and Patients
    Communicates with Prescribers and Patients
  • Integrates Seamlessly With Various Partners
    Integrates Seamlessly With Various Partners

All the Features You Need

Newleaf Pharmacy Software Features Pharmacy Management System Keycentrix 2
  • Prior Approval Management

    Submit and check the status of a prior approval request for a patient.

  • Multi-Script Orders

    Process all of a given patient’s or facility’s prescriptions and ensure they are delivered together.

  • Multi-Store Management

    Newleaf is designed to support single store or multi-store operators. If you are planning to expand or already have more than one location, our Newleaf enterprise console module adds features for enterprise management.

  • Business Rules

    Adapt your processes and workflow with customized business rules.

  • Prescriber Communications

    Use Sendkey® to provide automatic status updates to your prescriber without logins or passwords.

  • Patient Messaging

    Use Sendkey to automatically update patients about their prescriptions as you process through the workflow. Send one-off messages or complete a full outreach campaign with customized text, voice or email messages.

  • Paper-free Faxing

    Use Sendkey to send and receive faxes directly from Newleaf. Set up multiple fax numbers to drop faxes directly into document intake, allowing you to triage faxes by number.

  • Integrated Document Management

    Scan and keep hard copies and other important documents stored and associated with patient and script records.

  • Document Annotation

    Annotate stored documents that are scanned or faxed within Newleaf.

  • e-Prescribing

    Be assured, the Newleaf award-winning e-prescribing feature is as accurate as possible.

  • Central Fill

    Use Newleaf to pick, pack, fill and ship orders from a centralized inventory location.

  • Active Directory Integration

    Manage Newleaf users with Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Pre-fill Management

    Use a dedicated queue for managing refills, or set up criteria and automatically inject refills into the standard workflow.

  • Cycle-fill With Rx Alignment

    Align patients’ prescriptions and place them on a patient or facility fulfillment cycle.

  • Queue-based Workflow

    Know where your prescriptions are in workflow with dedicated queues for each active workflow stage.

Here’s the bottom line.



  • Manages and tracks prescriptions from start to finish
  • Handles multi-script patients by order
  • Manages workflow stages in queues and with unique statuses within a queue


  • Delivers status updates to prescribers (when integrated with Sendkey)
  • Keeps patients informed automatically through text, voice or email (when integrated with Sendkey)


  • Easily integrates with numerous partner solutions
  • Configurable to support unique processes, multiple lines of business and delivery models
  • Provides multiple ways to analyze and report data
  • Manages interstate regulatory compliance
  • Feature-rich and adaptable for growth
Well Supported

Well Supported

  • Supported by more than 45 years of experience and knowledge
  • 24/7 Help Desk with 98% customer satisfaction rates
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All in the Numbers

Days for Prior Authorizations Compared to 3+
11 %
Greater Medication Adherence in Fertility and Other Disease States Managed
99.9 %
Accuracy in Prescriptions Compared to 99.5%
Full-time Staffers Freed Up and Repurposed to Do Other Tasks
According to Specialty Pharmacy Continuum

The Reviews Are In

Having 25 of years experience in pharmacy ranging from retail to specialty, I have worked on numerous… Read More Adam HaitSchrafts2.0
Awesome enhancement to our shipping process. Thank you, Keycentrix! Alex SheltonBirmingham Gastro
I have always been pleasantly surprised at the quality of support. Keycentrix is excellent. [My Support team… Read More Les WilliamsTerry’s Pharmacy

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