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KeyCentrix is dedicated to the pharmacy industry – ensuring customers are equipped with solutions to advance their pharmacy practice. Our consultative approach is focused on understanding the dynamic objectives of each customer. KeyCentrix provides a level of service and expertise unlike anything available in the industry today. Our technology and service solutions are designed to transform pharmacy management, streamline operations and provide the power of actionable data for making better decisions and growing profitably.

Retail Pharmacy

KeyCentrix pharmacy management software and point of sale system offer scalability and efficiency that is affordable. Whether you have been in business for years or opening your first retail pharmacy, we have solutions to help you adapt and compete within an ever-changing market while meeting compliance requirements.

Efficiency & Scalability – Our software systems offer configurable functionality to best support the specific needs of each of your locations. Hard-copy scanning, e-prescribing, EPCS, prior authorizations, automated PMP reporting (where available), extensive interface options, user defined fields, and multi-site functionality support efficiency while your business continues to grow.

Profitable & Affordable – To compete in today’s ever-changing market, retail pharmacies need tools and resources that positively impact their bottom line. Our pharmacy software provides for multiple inventory tracking, 340B and nursing home support – giving your business the resources to expand into new markets while the adherence tools provide support for improving your 5 Star Rating.

Data Mining, Extraction and Analysis – NewLeafRx by KeyCentrix offers a powerful centralized reporting engine, as well as the ability to add custom fields specific to the needs of each location. Built on a SQL database, data can be easily extracted for reporting, compliance and analysis of key business areas.

Patient Care & Safety – Pill imaging, DUR checks on alternate profile drugs, multiple verification options (including prior to claim submission), and labs tracking are just a few of the patient safety functions available. Text and email messaging, prefill, and activity tracking tools enhance patient care and adherence – patient care and safety are at the core of every pharmacy and our solutions.

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We are better able to manage every aspect of the pharmacy because we know exactly what is going on from day to day.
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Extended With Interfaces & Integrations

Looking for a specific third-party interface? We partner with top pharmacy industry vendors to provide full-featured software offerings, extending our products. Partner technology and services include robotics, packaging, shipping, data, IVR systems, point of sale systems, wholesalers, credit card processors, and more! KeyCentrix continually evaluates new interface partners for compatibility with and to complement our software programs and expand the functionality and efficiencies in your pharmacy.

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Support, Training & Peace of Mind

We are here to help you succeed. Our dedicated Customer Service team provides an extensive training program both onsite and online. Our pharmacy software and point of sale system are easy to learn and intuitive to use. Our Customer Support team is here to answer your questions 24 hours a day 365 days a year. KeyCentrix also provides offsite backups, plus advanced functionality to grow your business for many years to come not outgrown it.

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