Newleaf: Now With Real-Time Prescription Benefit

Paula Johnson
Paula Johnson

VP, Partner Management and Special Projects

Prescription drugs can be expensive, and patients are rightfully concerned with out-of-pocket costs. When sticker-shock catches patients off-guard at prescription pickup, you’ve got a recipe for frustration – both for the patient who is reluctant to pay and the pharmacy employee who may end up restocking the shelf.

We want all our customers and their patients feeling well-informed as early as possible in the prescription-fulfillment process. So we’ve teamed up with our valued partner, Surescripts, to offer some help.

It Gets Personal

When I think about Real-Time Prescription Benefit, my mind goes right to my mom, who lost her job during the coronavirus pandemic. As a senior with multiple health conditions, she’s stressed with paying for needed medication on a tight budget. Having a tool to help her understand costs ahead of time and any possible alternatives – even things like switching from a 30- to 90-day supply to save money in the long run – could help her immensely. My guess is that you don’t have to think long or hard to find someone in your life who could benefit as well.

Introducing Real-Time Prescription Benefit

Surescripts Real-Time Prescription Benefit has been added right into our Newleaf pharmacy management system to arm pharmacists and pharmacy staff with patient-specific cost and coverage information within seconds. It creates real-time request and response transactions between the pharmacy and the PBM that deliver patient-specific information to the pharmacy, including therapeutic alternatives that are lower cost or do not require a prior authorization.

Real-Time Prescription Benefit uses a process that offers patients a series of predictable and positive experiences. Everyone saves time and money: prescriber, pharmacy and patient. And, it can increase medication adherence because the patient has been empowered to make informed decisions, including copay, estimated cost, alternative medications, and 30- and 90-days supply costs.

How it Works

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    Step 1

    The patient tells you the copay is too high, and they can’t afford the medication. Or, your pharmacy system flags a high-priced prescription during the dispensing process.

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    Step 2

    With Real-Time Prescription Benefit, you have access to the information you need to support prescribing decisions that optimize affordability, increasing the likelihood of medication adherence.

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    Step 3

    You are able to work with the patient to identify the prescription they can afford and pursue approval from the prescriber.

Better Decisions, Every Day

Click on the video below to see the Real Time Prescription Benefit process in action.

This video illustrates a typical scenario for retail pharmacies. All pharmacies can use Real-Time Prescription Benefit – including specialty pharmacy, direct-to-consumer, and mail order. Just ask us how.

Is Real-Time Prescription Benefit right for your pharmacy?

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