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Engage your Customers and Clients

Sendkey provides a unified text (SMS), fax, voice (IVR) and email communications platform making it easy to add multiple communications methods to your applications (Private and Commercial).

Newleaf® users can benefit from integrated Sendkey services right away.

Built for your existing workflows

For pharmacy operators Sendkey® fits right into your existing workflow with business rule driven triggers. With seamless integration, receive your faxes in Document Intake (paper free), keep prescribers informed by sending automated updates through fax or email, and text your patients while processing their scrips.

Easy API

Time and time again, developers list quality documentation as the most important API feature, we offer beautiful and powerful online documentation with automated mock servers, tests, validations, proxies, and code samples. It's often hard to see how an API will be used until you have the chance to code against it. A server mock is a quick way to prototype an API - even before you start writing code.