Case Study: SMP Pharmacy Gets Real Results


About SMP Pharmacy

SMP Pharmacy, a three-store national mail-order pharmacy operator, is based out of Miami, Florida. The specialty pharmacy fills 40,000 prescriptions per month and specializes in fertility treatments, which account for about 85% of their prescription volume. Increases in fertility treatment revenue have created an upswing and the pharmacy’s rapid growth.

40,000 Scripts Filled Per Month
Three Specialty Pharmacy Stores
50 States Served Through Mail-Order Services

Their Challenges

SMP Pharmacy’s rapid growth had posed logistical challenges that were not being met. According to a March 2020 Specialty Pharmacy Continuum article quote from Brian Brito, the company’s president and chief commercial officer, “We’re licensed in all 50 states, each with different reporting requirements. Our previous vendor couldn’t handle our capacity.”

“We’re licensed in all 50 states, each with different reporting requirements. Our previous vendor couldn’t handle our capacity.”

SMP Pharmacy also navigates complex managed care and patient support issues on a continual basis, including meeting prior authorization requirements, processing between 12 and 15 prescriptions within a single order, and financial assistance programs that must be added to the workflow. Not to mention the ongoing need to manage custom injection and medication guides, as well as refrigerated versus non-refrigerated information.

It was time for a technology upgrade that could help. SMP Pharmacy undertook a yearlong process to select new specialty pharmacy software, which included evaluating all of our Keycentrix™ pharmacy software solutions.

Our Solutions

Ultimately, SMP Pharmacy decided to partner with us, going live in 2019 with our software solutions, which are designed specifically to meet the needs of growing pharmacies. They maximized their benefits by choosing to utilize the complete end-to-end package:

  • Newleaf Keycentrix Pharmacy Software

    Newleaf® pharmacy management system, with features that include prior authorization management, multi-script orders, multi-store management, customized business rules and more.

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  • Newleaf Keycentrix Pharmacy Software

    Flextrax pharmacy Point-of-Sale (POS) system, which includes full register setup as well as reporting tools, accounting features, hassle-free automation and unlimited catalog imports.

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  • Sendkey Keycentrix Pharmacy Software

    Sendkey® prescriber and patient engagement software, a unified text, fax, voice and email communications platform.

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The Impressive Results

With the help of Keycentrix pharmacy software, SMP Pharmacy has realized a multitude of game-changing benefits:

  • Customizable business rules for each therapeutic area
  • Functionality to meet distinct clinical assessment requirements
  • Reports for dispensing, operations, finance, sales and patient outcomes
  • Features to balance workloads and customize workflow among locations
  • Tools that streamline patients and prescriber communication
  • Capability to ensure state-by-state regulatory compliance

Brito has described many of the benefits as “significant advantages” for the pharmacy. The results certainly agree. Here are the improvements they have seen in a payback period of just four short months.

Improvement in 4 Months

As Reported by SMP Pharmacy

Days for Prior Authorizations Compared to 3+
11 %
Greater Medication Adherence in Fertility and Other Disease States Managed
99.9 %
Accuracy in Prescriptions Compared to 99.5%
Full-time Staffers Freed Up and Repurposed to Do Other Tasks

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