Keycentrix Case Study: Schraft’s 2.0

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It’s always been about the patient.

Starting Schraft's 2.0

But in its early years, Schraft’s pharmacy looked nothing like it does today.

 In 1945, my grandfather purchased the pharmacy from Oscar Schraft … he and my father grew what became a staple in New Jersey … we were ‘that pharmacy’ that had anything you could not find elsewhere.
— Adam Hait

Then came Adam Hait, the third generation of Schraft’s pharmacists who would one day inherit the family business. Though he had literally grown up in a retail pharmacy, he made big plans for evolving it into a new kind of pharmacy that would serve an even deeper purpose in the lives of its patients.

This dream would eventually become Schraft’s 2.0 – one of the country’s largest mail-order fertility pharmacies serving all 50 states.

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We are a patient-centric pharmacy … I call this ‘happy healthcare’ because we can see outcomes in real time.
– Adam Hait

A Personal Touch

 Because we are helping people grow families, we are participating in a very emotional time of our patients’ lives.

Fertility treatments don’t always have happy endings, but even when they do, one thing remains true: the journey is an emotional one. Schraft’s 2.0 often works with patients who have had trouble conceiving, sometimes having been through the treatment process before with disappointing outcomes.

Personal interactions are key. Because they are solely a mail-order pharmacy, Schraft’s often meets with patients virtually but still works to create the kind of connection and trust with staff needed for them to feel comfortable asking questions and expressing concerns. For many patients, this connection also provides the opportunity to share good news about upcoming additions to their families.

Technology-Enabled Care

Technology also enables the pharmacy to provide fertility treatments to patients consistently, at the right time along their treatment journey. This is where an order-based system provides distinct advantages over a prescription-based one, because patients often need multiple medications and supplies at the same time, shipped in time to help them never miss a treatment. Newleaf accommodates this need very well, with the ability to fill multiple scripts for a single patient at once, move those scripts together through workflow, and then easily support the shipping process.

 There is a [big] difference between a prescription-based system and an order-based system. In the industry we’re in, most orders have 6 to 8 prescriptions or more. Trying to manage that in a scalable fashion with a prescription-based system would be impossible.

On top of that, Newleaf provides a pharmacy management solution the pharmacy can rely on and continue to use as patient count increases and their operations grow.

I’ve worked on at least a dozen platforms, and Newleaf is the best system I’ve used. It’s the most intuitive. The queues make perfect sense. The databases are solid. The system just works.
Scraft’s 2.0 Family Photos

Thousands of babies across the US can thank Schraft’s 2.0 for the opportunity to experience life with their families. But at the end of the day, it’s still about their patients – the hopeful moms and dads and the people who support them – whether the outcomes are joyous or sad.


It should be about the patient; it should not be about filling prescriptions … I love the patient connection, and I love that we can help.

Learn more about Schraft’s 2.0 by visiting their website at

Schraft's 2.0 Quick Stats

15 K+
Average scripts processed each month.
56 K+
Active patients.
Accredited/licensed states in the U.S.
6 +
Prescriptions in each order.

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