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Nestled in an unassuming town in the Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area is a nondescript building with a familiar name. has established itself as one of the nation’s top direct-to-consumer online pharmacies, among the very first to be accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) and licensed/accredited with all 50 State Boards of Pharmacy. Every day, thousands of patients count on them to provide lifesaving medications at prices they can afford.

The implicit patient trust wasn’t always there, however.

  One of the first phone calls I ever received was, ‘Are these your actual prices?’

Frank Brockman, now Director of Pharmacy Operations, recalls being asked this on his first day working on the support desk. In its early days, online pharmacies were nearly unheard of, let alone an online pharmacy with affordable prices for people without health insurance.

Getting noticed

But as Bob Dylan would say, “Times, they are a-changin’.” And for, their most dramatic change to-date came without any warning. When a Consumer Reports article named them as one of the most affordable sources for prescription drugs in the U.S., their ordering system received a tidal wave of new prescriptions overnight, and it just kept coming. They quickly realized they needed a pharmacy software system that would help them grow into the large-scale operation they were becoming and would continue to be.

They needed something new, and fast. But finding a pharmacy management system that be the right fit was not an easy task.

Pharmacy Manager Aaron Gilbert agrees.

 We needed to not look for ways to make other pharmacy software do what our current system did. We needed innovative new solutions to our problems.

And it’s true. They needed a pharmacy dispensing system to seamlessly integrate with all they do – from pharmacist verification checks that need to be done swiftly and accurately to robotics and shipping and staying in constant sync with their website, day and night.

Newleaf meets these needs and more, automating the data entry process so that pharmacy techs and FTEs can spend less time on busy work and more time on other important tasks. It has also been configured to support their standard operating procedures, like automatically sending an order to the next stage of workflow after it’s been paid.

Learn more about Newleaf’s robust capabilities here

Process boost

The HealthWarehouse team knew that Newleaf would meet most of their needs, right out of the gate. But the real clincher was the opportunity for additions to Newleaf that would support their uniqueness as well. Chief Technology Officer Mike Fitzgerald explains:

 We have processes that have been established over the lifecycle of our business. Keycentrix was really great at taking our curveballs and coming up with creative solutions that would work well with our processes and our technology.

Multiple custom development projects, ranging in size from large to small. More than 50,000 lines of additional code. Ongoing partnership and investment to construct, test, and deploy functionality they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. It’s all worth it to us to ensure our customers have what they need from their pharmacy management system to amplify their success.

Want to hear it directly from the HealthWarehouse team? Hit the Play button below. 

Fulfilling a purpose

Today,’s state-of-the-art, 28,000 square-foot facility serves more than 500,000 patients across the U.S, with the ability to reach 80% of the population within 2 to 3 days. All while maintaining the highest degrees of integrity, backed by their Better Business Bureau A+ accreditation.

It all makes sense for a pharmacy that’s motivated by one thing: truly serving its patients. Just ask President and CEO, Joseph Peters:

  When you have a conversation with someone, and they tell you that because of they don’t have to pick between their groceries and their meds, that resonates with you. It makes you want to keep working at making that place better, for your patients and your team.

Well done, team. Well done.

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Quick Stats:

Accredited/licensed states in the U.S.
500 K+
Patients served across the U.S.
50 K+
Lines of additional code written for custom development projects.
Days to reach most patients with affordable medications.

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