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Keycentrix has announced the addition of three brand-new, value-adding features to its Newleaf pharmacy software: Real-Time Prescription Benefit, powered by Surescripts; ScriptDrop medication delivery solution; and Telepharmacy by keycentrix™. Keycentrix is the first pharmacy software provider to offer this collection of innovative features to independent retail and specialty pharmacies.

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Real-Time Prescription Benefit, powered by Surescripts, arms pharmacists and pharmacy staff with patient-specific cost and coverage information within seconds, right within the Newleaf workflow. Real-time request and response transactions between the pharmacy and the PBM deliver patient-specific information to the pharmacy, including therapeutic alternatives that are lower cost and/or do not require a prior authorization. This results in opportunities for greater pharmacy and patient engagement and satisfaction, operational efficiency, and medication adherence.

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ScriptDrop is a medication delivery solution for all independent pharmacies, anywhere in the U.S. With ScriptDrop, pharmacies can utilize multiple delivery options seamlessly inside of Newleaf, including access to local courier services and discounted shipping via FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Real-time tracking information for each shipment can be accessed in patients’ profiles. Consistent use of delivery options reduces return-to-stock and improves inventory turnover while at the same time increasing medication adherence through reliable delivery to patients in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Same-Day (within 4 hours) and On-Demand (within 2 hours) delivery options are available.

In March, ScriptDrop partnered with Uber to expand their courier network, leveraging Uber’s technology to deliver more prescriptions to more customers. This partnership allows Uber to become the default application for select pharmacies, depending on location and driver availability.

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Telepharmacy by keycentrix™ is the first telepharmacy feature built natively within a specialty pharmacy management system. The feature allows pharmacies to connect with pharmacists at other locations where Newleaf is installed, opening up new possibilities for cross-location collaboration when there are no pharmacists onsite or when no onsite pharmacists are available. As the result, pharmacies can expand or enhance their capabilities through utilizing the help of remote pharmacists. The feature especially enables independent pharmacies looking to open additional locations.

“Keycentrix continually looks to provide features and functionality that help pharmacies increase their efficiency, improve their profitability, and better serve their patients,” said Luis Rodriguez, President of Keycentrix. “These features align with what we see working for thriving retail and specialty pharmacies. We are committed to helping independent pharmacies succeed and grow.”

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