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We’ve been around for close to 50 years, but telling our story doesn’t need to take up too much of your time. Here’s a quick recap from then to now.

It all started with ScripMaster.

Our first foray into pharmacy software in 1980, ScripMaster responded to pharmacies’ needs to dispense a rapidly increasing number of drugs while staying in compliance with government reporting requirements.

Built in COBOL, ScripMaster was a revolutionary leap forward, providing pharmacy owners and operators with a streamlined system and updating many manual processes for a new digital age. With its solid features and benefits – including automatic patient profile creation; digital drug allergy and interaction checking; dynamic third-party adjudication; daily price updates; and comprehensive inventory, business management, and compliance reports – it provided the strong foundation for us to continue to build from.

Then came RxKey.

With the introduction of RxKey, we modernized from COBOL to Windows and added a versatile SQL database. We now had a system to help independent pharmacies position themselves even better to compete in their markets.

An RxKey enterprise version added enhanced features such as Order Manager and Workflow Manager so that administrators could define workflow stages and assign unique permissions to all users, including pharmacists, technicians, and clerks. This allowed pharmacies to process all items within an order, from initial request to completion. The system also now held more than 70 stock reports that could be accessed directly by Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access as well as other ODBC compliant products. And it allowed for image scanning, automatic physician faxing, and features to track third-party interactions and HIPAA compliance.

Looking for RxKey? Take a look at Newleaf® instead. 


Now, we have Newleaf.

Our latest-and-greatest pharmacy management system, Newleaf, adds even more functionality to meet retail, mail-order, and specialty pharmacies’ unique needs. Our amplified capabilities in workflow, data management, metrics, compliance reporting, and integrations result in a truly end-to-end comprehensive tool so that your pharmacy can run faster and smarter.

See Newleaf for yourself.

This powerhouse platform has all you need to process multiple scripts for every order, with customizable business rules that facilitate the necessary authorization and compliance steps to check all the right boxes, every time. Our system now accommodates e-prescribing so that you benefit from the latest digital prescribing advances. But best of all, Newleaf’s configurability makes it easy to adapt to you, whether you’re a multi-store large operating entity, a single independent pharmacy, or anything in-between. We’ve created the system to fit your needs, now and in the years to come.


But wait, there’s more.

We also have ancillary solutions to round out your pharmacy software and technology needs. Our Sendkey® communication platform helps you say “good-bye” to phone calls and paper faxing and “hello” to texting, electronic faxing, voice messaging, and email for better patient and prescriber engagement. And the Flextrax® POS system increases the efficiency of independent pharmacy point-of-sale processes, to make prescription sales faster.

One thing hasn’t changed, though.

Through all the years, our commitment to our customers has stayed the same. We’re passionate technologists here to help you do the important work of providing patients with the medications they need to make their lives better. We may not provide patient care, but we do understand its value, because we’re patients, too. So for us, for them, and for you, we work hard to provide the best pharmacy technology and customer support possible.

It’s the right thing to do.

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