10 Minutes With Binny John, VP of Software Development

Binny John Cropped

By Kirk Seminoff

This article was originally published by The Wichita Business Journal.

What about Keycentrix brought you to Wichita?

I know this may sound cliché, but the leadership role was aligned to my career plan. I would say quite a few things convinced me in making the decision. Keycentrix is a technology company operating in the health-care industry with innovative product and services. This was the right mix for me, as I am very passionate about technology, health care, and product development. It is a vibrant growing business that is very customer-focused. They have a common vision and a great culture, with the goal of continual employee engagement. Finally, the entrepreneurial spirit and fast-paced and nimble environment made the role very attractive.

Is it a leap of faith for you to join Keycentrix?

I did my research on the company, and the market insights through my pharmacy background helped me determine that Keycentrix was a place where I could use my vast technology and domain experience and grow professionally. I believe in Keycentrix’s growth strategy and feel enthused by its laser focus on developing product offerings to address where the market is headed. Its substantial year-over-year growth shows they are heading in the right direction. Additionally, the prospect of managing customer-facing technology products was very exciting.

What do you hope to add to Keycentrix’s growth?

My goal is to help the organization become the leading pharmacy technology company where, most importantly, the customers love the product, and we create great value for all of our stakeholders. To enable seamless growth, I will work to align the team with market needs and provide customers delightful and frictionless experiences; employ emerging technology and mainstream practices; and focus on delivery efficiency and effectiveness and an end-to-end cross-functional perspective to successfully release product to scale.

The company says you’ll play a key role in managing its technology roadmap during a time of growth. What does that look like and how much of it is unknown? 

My focus will be on enhancing our engineering culture with an emphasis on technology and innovation. Being in a growth mode presents us with a new set of challenges. For us to manage scale, we need the ability to enable the best talent and build a high-performing world-class team. As the pharmacy industry is in a constant state of change, it is critical that we anticipate these changes and take advantage of the opportunity through talent, technology, and innovation.

How is Keycentrix getting ahead in the pharmacy technology industry and what puts it in a prime position for success? 

We are well positioned for success, as we have a premier product offering for pharmacies doing anything more innovative and difficult than traditional retail. This is a major differentiator compared to our competitors. Our product is feature-rich with superior integration capabilities, and it has flexible workflow capabilities that help meet the unique operational demands of the customer. Also, delivering excellent customer experience is way of life for us. We see consistently high customer satisfaction rates of 98% or better.

You’ve been in Wichita a short time, but what jumps out to you about the city and its prospects for technology growth? 

I believe Wichita has the opportunity to be a major technology hub, because we can deliver technology solutions more cost efficiently compared to other leading cities, along with offering tax incentives for companies to locate or expand here. The key is to attract talent. We have the collaboration of local community organizations and learning institutions, which is great. We need to continue to work together to build on the work being done to attract and retain talent. Keycentrix is one example of a technology company working to become a significant job generator and primary revenue contributor for the local economy. We should make sure to recognize the other tech companies in Wichita that are doing this and increase the chances for more to do so in the future.

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