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Deana Eichacker
Deana Eichacker

VP, Finance and Administration

The effects of this crazy year haven’t escaped us. We, too, have had to take in the new environment we all find ourselves in, and we, too, have felt uncertainty for the future.

New Normal

Like other businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to the way we work every day. We’ve staggered onsite and remote work schedules, intensified janitorial services, limited visitors and client travel, and purchased more masks, disinfectant, and hand sanitizer than any software solution provider should ever need.

We’ve been more fortunate than many.  Rather than experiencing severe economic downturns, we’ve watched our industries spring into action and even accelerate. Though pharmacies are no doubt experiencing challenges, providing medication to those who are hospitalized or have chronic conditions remains critical. Some sectors, such as mail-order pharmacies, are experiencing an influx of demand as more patients look for ways to have their medications delivered straight to their homes.

Counting Our Blessings

We’ve always felt incredibly privileged to provide pharmacy management software to great clients – especially the specialty pharmacies, retail pharmacies, and mail-order pharmacies that serve patients with chronic and complicated conditions.  Our customers are part of the frontline response, and it’s an honor to support their efforts by providing software solutions that help improve their efficiency and operations. It allows them to fill more scripts in less time, providing the best care to patients who need them every single day.

Time to Grow

Meeting increasing customer needs requires growth and transition – for our workforce, and for our products. In the coming months, we’ll be advancing in every area, from software development to customer support. Our Newleaf pharmacy management software will soon have features to make it even more functional and intuitive, and we’ll continue to focus on evolving all our products and services to meet and anticipate the changing needs of our customers.

Here’s what our current customers have to say.

Building On Legacy

Growth and transition are not new to Keycentrix. We’ve been around since the mid-1970s, starting with ScripMaster, followed by RxKey, and now Newleaf, Sendkey, and Flextrax. We’re excited to continue this track record of expanding to meet industry demand and pushing ourselves to greater heights, because we are passionate about being good at what we do.

If you happen to know anyone in our area of the world looking for a job with a great tech company, feel free to send them to If not? No worries. We look forward to better understanding how we can serve you.

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